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This collection has been a very important stepping stone in my career. An experience that began with planning a trip without really knowing where I was going or what to expect. Far from glamorous and comfortable. One of the hardest and most difficult trips of my life. Dust, sand storms, extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures at night, no showers and cans of tuna for a whole week. What kept me afloat was the spectacular art, the installations in the middle of the desert, the fantastic landscapes at night and day. For me it was not a glamorous or party trip as most describe it, for me it was a trip of knowing my physical and mental limits. An experience that made me take photos with a sensitivity that I had not experienced before.


 I have had the opportunity to exhibit this collection for two years at Publico Co Working and the series of photos with the experience were published by Aeroméxico's Aire magazine.


The best photos are not born from a comfortable or ideal place, they are born from the intention to discover, experiment, to leave your comfort zone, they are born from the genuine connection of your senses with your intuition. Where the photo has more than a click behind it, where it has a story to tell. 

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