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Over the course of my career I have had different challenges but the most complicated have been dealing with a medium designed by and for men. I was faced with many “You can't do it” “You can't make a living from the photo” “You're not that good” “Your photo isn't good because it doesn't have the perfect technique” “Don't believe it so much” “What's different about you?” other photographers?”


After a while I decided that it was time to break with all these technical, traditional schemes and I dared to explore  and create my own path. A path that is more honest with me and that I now know has helped me find my style and honor who I am. 


One of my purposes is to share my experience in photography but from a vulnerable and more attainable perspective. My intention is to generate a dialogue based on my stories of failure and success, doubts and fears. More than just visual, it is an honest conversation without unattainable stories. 


I intend to share my experience and the tools that have helped me have a solid career, how I have learned that it is not only important to take photos with the camera, but also my experience taking photos with the heart to convey and honor who I am.  


“The click of a photo that transmits does not occur in the camera, it occurs from intuition”


I have given talks and conferences at the University of Monterrey, Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad Panamericana, La Anáhuac and Faculty of Art and Design of the UNAM. Talks focused on the use of products for companies such as Liverpool and Turicia. Companies focused on photography such as Fotomecánica and Canon Mexicana.

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