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Welcome! The intention of this page is to show how the love for photography has taught me to see life from different perspectives. Through my portfolio, workshops and my art gallery I share with you how in 16 years photography has become the key to constantly rediscover and connect with the world.


Learnings, falls, rises but mainly thanks. I have had the opportunity to work in different areas of photography such as adventure sports, travel, portraits, commercial, documentary and film still photography. And one of the most beautiful doors that this career has opened for me is that of the academy. Being able to share and learn as a professor at the UNAM Faculty of Art and Design has been a constant source of inspiration.


Betting on connecting before taking portraits and trying different types of photography has led me to have great professional and personal experiences. How to create personal and group workshops that help you work on your creativity and connection through photography no matter what you do.

Some of my clients are: American Express, Red Bull, Deportes Martí, E! Entertainment, City Banamex and Netflix. My travel photographs have been published in magazines such as Travel & Leisure, Food & Travel, Aeroméxico Air, Life & Style and NZ Lifestyle Block Magazine (New Zealand) Part of my collections can be seen in the galleryCANON ART COLLECTION.


And with great joy I present to you myGALLERY a project that I have worked on for a couple of years with a lot of love, which is focused on art and decoration photography. 

“The click of a photo that transmits does not occur in the camera, it occurs from intuition”


  • Burning Man Collection by Canon Mexicana headquarters Public Co Working Space. (2019-2022)

  • Canon Collection. Virtual and physical gallery of Canon Mexicana (2018 to date)

  • Group exhibition Lights of Japan 2022 Mexico City




Academic experience:

  • Diploma in photographic project management from the CDMX Art Gym

  • Three years of teaching photography 1, 2 and experimental photography at theUNAM Faculty of Art and Design

Brand collaboration


For me, each visual project is a personal experience. Contact me to help you translate your ideas into images that convey.

¡Gracias por tu mensaje!

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